Freerange Vol. 11: Institutional Love

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Do institutions matter? and if so how do we take better care of them?

Eight years ago Freerange was started while contemplating two profound moments: humans had recently become an urbanised species, for the first time in our history most of us live in cities, and second: amongst the chaos of a recession was what we called at the time ‘the smell of revolution in the air’.

Ten issues of Freerange later the recession continues for much of the world, revolutions did emerge in many places and have proven both inspiring and deeply problematic. Although perhaps more profound for us in the west is the fact that the people and institutions that seemed most vulnerable in the west in 2008 did not fall, but with the support of the state have come out stronger and more resilient.

For some, the current problems of the world demand revolution: a
swift and pervasive change to different forms of governance and power.

We, at least for this issue, are not convinced. We wonder if we’re not already caught up in an endless cycle of revolution played out through tired dichotomies (of wealth vs poverty, of knowledge vs the lack of it), whose only accomplishment seems to be divisiveness, easy categorisation of its main players, boredom, and distrust.

“In the 20th Century we tried to change the world too quickly.” Slavoj Žižek.

Edited by Barnaby Bennett and Byron Kinnaird

Design and illustrations by Charlotte Boyce

Featuring articles by:

Sophie Hamer

Adam Douglass

Jo Randerson

Anne Cunningham

Andrew Maynard

Dan Hancox

Win Bennett

Juliet Arnott

S. H Bloomberg

Marney Ainsworth

Brendon Harre