Freerange Vol.3: The Trickster

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At Freerange, tricksters and their many guises intrigue us. From the ancient Greek Odysseus to Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, we grew up on stories of subversive characters that sprinkle chaos into our ordered society. The stories of our wise and brutal ancestors tell us tales of events from long before we laid our bare feet upon the earth. Folklore, mythology and religion are filled with brilliant forces of light and dark, played out by a myriad of colourful characters including that of the trickster. Most cultures still have these characters, both real and fictional. They are the mischievous rule breakers, artful swindlers, punks and independent outlaws. They hold an important purpose: to push boundaries, to enter realms others are afraid of, to stir the waters, provoke thought and discussion, to speak truth to power.

Featuring writing by: Hana Bojangles, Minna Ninova, Warwick McCallum, Joe Cederwall, Claire Hollingsworth, Micaela Sahar, Gina Moss, Toby Huddlestone, Byron Kinnaird, Shalimma R, Joseph Tipa, Rozzy Middleton, Federico Monsalve, Greta Gillies, Mathew Landers, Anne Marie Vennel.