Freerange Vol.5: Dangerous and Wrong

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The topic of Freerange Vol 5 is Dangerous & Wrong! – a phrase lifted from the angry rant of passionate moralists, concerned parents, confused bureaucrats, environmentalists, anti-drugs campaigners, presidents and other generally authoritative and, in some instances, well-intentioned souls. Its emotive double negativity strikes beyond reason to a land of certainty. The journal brings some of our favourite contributors and some newer voices together in a varyingly tight and extra loose thematic exploration. And whilst our friends appear too thoughtful to say or do anything truly dangerous & wrong they have plenty of interesting things to say about folly, controversy, danger, death, and sex in the afterlife.


Nimita Arora ‘Counting the Years’

Byron Kinnaird ‘I Am Many’

Ingo Kumic ‘Simplicity on the Other Side of Complexity’

Mark Leong ‘Spatial Perspectives on the Dead Heart of Australia’

Martin Lewin ‘Fighting for the Monster’

Johnny Manzana ‘Penis Envy’

Gerald Melling ‘Citizen Pain Redux’

Emre Ozyetis ‘Death of the Architect’

Andrea Rassell ‘End of death: a portrait of Aubrey de Grey’

Caleb Smith ‘The Funeral Service’

Zana Wright ‘Leaders of the Blind’